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Heart! We Will Release Him


Heart, we will release him!

(Inspired by Emily Dickinson)


Heart, we will release him

From his unwitting prison walls;

Soul, we will grant his escape

Before the evening falls.


Mind, we will unlock him

From fantasies he did not see.

Breath, we will exhale him

So that we can all be free.


Fool, we will admit it –

Our walls were invisible to him.

Image, we will both resign

That chances were in fact too slim.


Arms, we will unfold him

From our unfelt embrace

Eyes, we will look away

And gaze no longer at his face.


Heart please help us hurry

Lest, when we pause to think of him,

Our weakness overtakes us,

And we imprison him again.


she remembers



she remembers

the first time she heard his voice

trusting him, his trust in her

opening, awakening, feeling

she remembers

desire, hers and his

feeling beautiful

stretching, being stretched

kneeling, bowing, surrendering

she remembers

thrill, arousal, flying, 

the pounding of blood in her ears

his hand coming down swiftly

sensation, color, taste

she remembers

the journey, the lessons, the freedom

she remembers 

safety, danger, light, darkness

being bound, dancing, laughter

tears, strong arms, complete nakedness

she remembers

and she smiles

Touched without contact



Whispers, words,

The soothing voice


Images, senses,

Guiding phrases


Touches, caresses,

Spoken seductions


Kissing, fondling,

Rumbled speaking


Reaching, Taking

Final crescendo





Without a touch….

Surrounding with control

Evoking surrender

Stroking with tenderness

Drying tears

Wrapping embrace

Blissful sleep


Without contact……

For now



The clicking lock, the opening door,

He finds me kneeling on the floor.

He lifts my chin, I see Him smile,

His dark expression full of guile.

I cover His hand with kisses sweet,

And then He pulls me to my feet.

He turns me ’round, a quick surprise,

And put the blindfold o’er my eyes.

He lifts me up into His arms,

And I am helpless to His charms.

A tender touch, a firm caress,

A stinging smack across my breast.

My hands are tied above my head,

My ankles fastened to the bed.

I feel His breath, I hear His mouth,

Those biting kisses heading south,

His roving hands that tease and twist,

Until my body fills with bliss.

A wash of thrill, a bit of pain,

Until I beg Him, “please,,,again…”

My being bending to His will,

His dark commands my senses fill.

My self does not belong to me;

My full surrender sets me free.

And when I’m spent, wet, and replete,

Because of Him, I feel complete.




I cannot guess

Why my hands began to


Of their own accord.

There was no encouragement,

No request,

No perceptible call.

And yet they reached,

Hoping to…


Perhaps it was

The kindred pain

They they perceived.

Are they too worn?

To unrefined?

Are the arms,

The legs,

The neck,

The breasts….

To which they are attached

To marked and changed

With life?

Or does it have nothing to do

With my hands

Or their companions 

At all?

And why

Do they feel compelled

To reach


tonight we play


tonight we play

and senses rouse

while i obey

sweat on my brow

myself i yield

to Master sweet

my clothing peeled

knelt at His feet

i am His pet

and He the power

the time is set

the witching hour

my body aches

my senses quiver

for evening quake’s

torrential river

today i dream

and meditate

upon His scheme

to subjugate

for i am His

to take and use

my body ’tis

but Master’s muse

the hours creep

while sun is high

and pictures deep

fill my mind’s eye

but when the moon

reveals its grin

our night of swoon

it will begin