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she remembers



she remembers

the first time she heard his voice

trusting him, his trust in her

opening, awakening, feeling

she remembers

desire, hers and his

feeling beautiful

stretching, being stretched

kneeling, bowing, surrendering

she remembers

thrill, arousal, flying, 

the pounding of blood in her ears

his hand coming down swiftly

sensation, color, taste

she remembers

the journey, the lessons, the freedom

she remembers 

safety, danger, light, darkness

being bound, dancing, laughter

tears, strong arms, complete nakedness

she remembers

and she smiles





I remember

seeing Your hands

for the first


as You reached

to embrace me

on the porch

of the rustic cabin

and how they felt

as they held me.

I remember

the awakening

under their touch

and the skill with which

they opened me.

I remember their sting

their caresses

their pinching

their embracing

their enticing

and how warm mine felt

held by them.