My submissive model


I am not certain she would classify herself as “a submissive” in the lifestyle sense.  But she was….and is, in practice.  And without even thinking of it consciously, she is my ideal.

She is beautiful and utterly feminine even without frills (which she rarely wore).  She was successful in her career, one of the first women in the state in her position, attaining a PhD in her early 40’s.  She was strong but soft.  She was gracious and tactful and kind but did not suffer fools gladly.  She cooked, her house was always neat, and she looked put together at all times, even if the clothing was simple and casual.  She did what worked.  She cared for her husband, flirted with him, discussed with him, served him, and challenged him.  She was no pushover, but if he wanted a drink or sandwich, she instinctively got up and made it for him, never feeling put upon to do so.

She was shrewd and wise, but she treated everyone around her with tact and humanity even if they did not return the favor….because her actions were based on character and not emotion, though she did have emotion and empathy.  Even in disagreement she had……class.

Yes, class is a word that describes her well.  Class, tact, grace, ladylike, strong, humble, confident…….all woman and very self-aware.

That is the kind of submissive I want to be – the kind of woman I want to be.  That is the type of person whom it is easy to respect.

Thank you, Mom.


One thought on “My submissive model

  1. Coming from a guy, this may not mean so much, but thank you for your post and blog period.
    Today’s culture defines “submissive” as a lower/inferior class of people, or pushovers who don’t have a “backbone” to “stand up for themselves.”
    This, as much as anything has torn our world apart, because people (not just women) are so afraid to forgive, honor or (God forbid) obey anyone else for fear that they are perceived as being weak.
    Being submissive, especially as it is defined in the Bible in Ephesians 5, is NOT a one-sided proposition.
    It’s usually manipulated that way (either women stop reading when it says that wives should submit to their husbands or the husbands fail to keep reading where it says the husbands are to love their wives as much as they love themselves).
    The entire point of submission is mutual, or perhaps perpetual.
    If the man truly loves his wife as much as he loves himself, how could that be a negative proposition for the wife?
    To me, BOTH parties are submitting perpetually.
    Thank you for your blog, post and comprehensive understanding.
    Keep up the great work!
    I would be honored if you visited my site A Changing Grace.
    In His Grace,

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