The Learning Curve

I remember my first few piano lessons.  I was a child.  I loved the piano. I had been singing, tinkering on the keys at home, and trying my hand at imitating melodies since I was 3 or 4 years old.  At 7 I was finally allowed to begin lessons.  My teacher was the theory teacher at the college, a rather gruff man.

Something happened during those few few lessons.  I made mistakes.  I missed notes.  I did not even know how to read music yet.  I thought I understood what a scale was, but I didn’t realize it changed if one began on a note other than C.  In short, though the desire was there….I did not begin piano lessons knowing how to play piano.  And sometimes……..I cried when I practiced and couldn’t get it right quickly enough to satisfy myself.  And recitals….oh my.  The first few years I was physically sick before each one.  And yet I played.

I wonder what would have happened if my teacher had thrown up his hands in that first few weeks, declaring I was fooling myself and was certainly no musician.  What would have happened if he had laughed at me when my fingers fumbled through those first few lessons?

I would not have soared through the first two books in six months.  I would not have been playing Chopin four years later.  I would not have joined the band, begun to write music, sung an original song at a camp…..and ended up both singing and playing with groups and individually all over the country and in Europe.

Because he did not look at my fumbling beginner’s fingers and declare me a “piano wanna be,” I experienced things that helped to shape who I am….and I have been blessed to spend nearly two decades teaching other children to love music and excel in creativity.

All because someone was wise and patient enough not to judge me as done before I began.  I need to look up that old professor and tell him thank you…..for being a man of character.

How does any of this relate to being a new submissive?  I think it is pretty self-explanatory.


6 thoughts on “The Learning Curve

    • I was told by someone who does not know me at all with whom I have never interacted that I was “fifty shades of fake” recently. I sat on it for a bit and then wrote this as a personal (as in to myself) response.

      • It is one of those universal truths that speak to people on different levels and in different scenarios. I love when I write something for myself and someone comments, “I needed to hear this today. It feels like you wrote this for me.”

        I really needed to hear this. Thank you.

      • I am so glad you did because as M said above me this spoke to me as well.
        As for that person… No comment… They don’t deserve a second look nor thought.

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