The clicking lock, the opening door,

He finds me kneeling on the floor.

He lifts my chin, I see Him smile,

His dark expression full of guile.

I cover His hand with kisses sweet,

And then He pulls me to my feet.

He turns me ’round, a quick surprise,

And put the blindfold o’er my eyes.

He lifts me up into His arms,

And I am helpless to His charms.

A tender touch, a firm caress,

A stinging smack across my breast.

My hands are tied above my head,

My ankles fastened to the bed.

I feel His breath, I hear His mouth,

Those biting kisses heading south,

His roving hands that tease and twist,

Until my body fills with bliss.

A wash of thrill, a bit of pain,

Until I beg Him, “please,,,again…”

My being bending to His will,

His dark commands my senses fill.

My self does not belong to me;

My full surrender sets me free.

And when I’m spent, wet, and replete,

Because of Him, I feel complete.


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