words, words, words…..

What a wonderful weekend.  Not only was the weather beautiful, and not only did I enjoy an amazing day of complete surrender with Sir….

But I am now 25,000 words into Freeing Lucy, and that includes repeated editing and checking for errors.  I have also been reading like mad and trying to, as objectively and critically as possible, look at my writing in light of stories that have been successfully published and ask myself, “Okay, how can I improve?  Can my writing stack up?  What can I learn from this author’s success?”

And I don’t even mind that it’s Monday 🙂


3 thoughts on “words, words, words…..

      • Doesn’t have to be someone who doesn’t know you so much as it has to be someone who can be brutally honest. Make it somebody who knows something about good writing, somebody who can be more constructive than just “it was really good”.

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