Dream a Little Dream……wake up and do it

“I like mice

Mice are nice

The eat ice

I like mice”


My mother has the poem above taped inside a memory book.  It is hard to read because I was somewhere between three and four years old when I wrote it.  She kept it because it was the first poem I actually wrote with my own hand.  She says I dictated the earlier ones to her, though she doesn’t have any of them. She also has my first story, dictated to my kindergarten teacher, a gripping tale of a baby who fell off the baby scale at the doctor’s office and had to get a shot.  I am sure it was a real page turner in its time. 🙂

This summer, Sir asked me to make a list of my dreams, and the number one item was the same as it is on every list of dreams I have made – have a novel published.  Notice I did not say “write a novel.”  I have done that more than once.  I also did not say “publish a novel” because yes, I fell victim to a self-publishing temptation a few years ago.  And no, I am not telling the name of the book because……no.

Ever since I understood that all those beautiful bound adventures in the library were actually written by regular old people….I have wanted to be one of the regular old people who made one.  I wanted to hold something hard and rectangular that smelled wonderful with lots of pages and words and see MY name on the cover.

I tend to be critical side of objective when it comes to myself.  For example, I know that I sing very well, but that my tone is breathier than it used to be, and i have a tendency to crack on the break notes after years of teaching and using bad vocal habits.  I know I have the kind of voice that sounds very nice singing “Someone to Watch Over Me,” but fairly silly singing “Holla Back Girl.”  I am usually fairly accurate in my summation of my strengths and weaknesses.

It is time. Of all the things I love spending time doing, of any hobby or pastime or personal passion I have ever had……writing trumps them all.  No contest.  And it’s time to straighten my back.  I have thumb drives and a hard drive full of things. I am not a big city girl.  I do not know someone who knows someone who knows someone else.  Yeah….I’m starting from scratch.

Discipline. Time.  Determination.  Attention to detail.  Confidence.

Sir has told me before to please share with Him if I wanted Him to help me stay focused and be accountable for sticking to the pursuit of said dreams.  So I took Him up on that generous offer.

It is time.


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