Sir and I have …


Sir and I have talked and shared so much this week.  Something in me…broke, but in a very good way.  I have held nothing back and have allowed Him into every single part of my heart.  I didn’t realize I had not done that, but I wanted to honor what I thought was His wish to remember that this is not guaranteed forever and that He was not looking for another lifetime partner when we began.

He does not want me to hold back….and He does not hold back either.  The truth….I love Him completely. And He loves me.  I have shared things with Him that I have never even approached with anyone else.  He knows me….so well.  I

Out time together this week has been so intimate, I have wondered for several days about posting these words.  They are His words.  On one hand, I want to sing from the rooftop.  On the other, our intimacy has been so deep, I almost want to hide some of it away.  But the words are so beautiful and so indicative of the Man and Master He is….I need a few people to share in my joy at how wonderful He is:

Given our agreement – a contract was never needed – I accepted your offered trust, vulnerability, and that need for submissiveness and submission (the two *are* different) that had always hovered like a hummingbird – gently, insistently – around your feminine desire, darting in occasionally, randomly, to insert a word into your ear: “This!”

From afar, I witness your life and offer needed, objective direction to steer and tack your course as a person.

And I decide when to drop anchor and invite you into, order you into, or throw you into the sea to plumb the depths of your femininity, submissiveness, submission and deepest needs.

And I derive my satisfaction and pleasure from all these.

Your Dom takes this very seriously.


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