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tonight we play


tonight we play

and senses rouse

while i obey

sweat on my brow

myself i yield

to Master sweet

my clothing peeled

knelt at His feet

i am His pet

and He the power

the time is set

the witching hour

my body aches

my senses quiver

for evening quake’s

torrential river

today i dream

and meditate

upon His scheme

to subjugate

for i am His

to take and use

my body ’tis

but Master’s muse

the hours creep

while sun is high

and pictures deep

fill my mind’s eye

but when the moon

reveals its grin

our night of swoon

it will begin




the roil



For the past several days I felt felt myself roiling.  I have always loved that word.  Joy, sorrow, wistfulness, pensiveness, anxiety, peace, fear, wanting, impatience, wondering, needing, frustration, serenity.  It troubles me when I feel as if I am being tossed “to and fro.”

It is during these days that I am very thankful that for all His dark strength and poetry and subtlety and mystery (even after all this time)…….Sir is solid.  Sure.  Clear.  While my emotions sway and betray me….He does not waver.  There is an incredibly underrated comfort in that I think.  We read novels about brooding, closed off men whom the heroine can never know……and we sigh and swoon.  But in the times when there are truly things to fear in life……a man who will write in the sand and hold my hand and look in my eyes and say…. “This. Clearly.  Now.  Depend on it.”  That is the kind of man to whom a woman can surrender things that the opaque man of the old school novel can never even dream to attain from her.

Thank You sir….for being a clear path to peace underneath the intrigue.

touching the door



I find myself mesmerized

By the carvings in the wood

The detail….the gilded knob….

The heavy dark wood

The way the stairs beckon

What may lie on the other side

And whether anyone hears the knock

My hand touched the brass








Not wanting to think

Will I knock?

Or shall I stand here?

Or is anyone even at home…..

I know I will have to know

But perhaps

Not quite yet.


I may favor boldness over



This post has been inspired by MariMar – a gifted blogger who re-blogged an excellent piece about spotting frauds claiming to be Dominants.  It offers some great red-flags.

Is there any greater challenge in the world of D/s, than that of a sub seeking a Dominant?  Not just a Dominant, but a  Dominant who shares her perspective of the lifestyle.  A Dominant with whom she can communicate.  A Dominant who will treasure her and understand the precious gift she offers.

The very nature of the submissive soul places her in a vulnerable state, and if she is young or inexperienced it is a formidable task at best.  Not just because finding a compatible match is difficult in itself, but because the field of potential suitors is riddled with frauds, liars, domineering egotistical men who prey on the vulnerable – and – well – you get the point.  Even for a…

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Sir and I have …


Sir and I have talked and shared so much this week.  Something in me…broke, but in a very good way.  I have held nothing back and have allowed Him into every single part of my heart.  I didn’t realize I had not done that, but I wanted to honor what I thought was His wish to remember that this is not guaranteed forever and that He was not looking for another lifetime partner when we began.

He does not want me to hold back….and He does not hold back either.  The truth….I love Him completely. And He loves me.  I have shared things with Him that I have never even approached with anyone else.  He knows me….so well.  I

Out time together this week has been so intimate, I have wondered for several days about posting these words.  They are His words.  On one hand, I want to sing from the rooftop.  On the other, our intimacy has been so deep, I almost want to hide some of it away.  But the words are so beautiful and so indicative of the Man and Master He is….I need a few people to share in my joy at how wonderful He is:

Given our agreement – a contract was never needed – I accepted your offered trust, vulnerability, and that need for submissiveness and submission (the two *are* different) that had always hovered like a hummingbird – gently, insistently – around your feminine desire, darting in occasionally, randomly, to insert a word into your ear: “This!”

From afar, I witness your life and offer needed, objective direction to steer and tack your course as a person.

And I decide when to drop anchor and invite you into, order you into, or throw you into the sea to plumb the depths of your femininity, submissiveness, submission and deepest needs.

And I derive my satisfaction and pleasure from all these.

Your Dom takes this very seriously.


“Call me when your alarm goes off but before you get out of bed tomorrow morning.  I want to be with you when you spill, my girl.”


These were the instructions Sir gave me, and of course I replied that I would.  I love it when His voice is the first one I hear in the mornings.


I rolled over the next morning and looked at the clock.  It said 6:03.  My clock was set for 6:15, but I didn’t want to wait any longer.  I dialed Sir’s number.


“Hello, girl,” a deep and somewhat sleepy voice answered, and I grinned.


“Good morning, Master.  Did You sleep well?”


“I tossed and turned quite a bit, my girl.  Did You?”


“Yes, Sir I did, though it was very hard for me to resist the urge to fudge my bedtime because Twister was on television.”


Sir chuckled.  I knew He was shaking His head.  He thinks it is funny that I am so fascinated by tornadoes.


We chatted for just a moment, and I heard His low groan as He stretched, still lying in bed.  Then He told me it was time to spill.


I climbed off the bed and sunk to my knees beside it.  I spread my knees and began by sitting back onto them.  Then I stretched out, lying on my stomach, my hands and arms spread outward, the left side of my face resting on the phone and floor, my knees still bent so that my ass was raised. The morning coolness kissed my naked skin and I felt it along the lips of my pussy and the cheeks of my ass.  I breathed deeply.  I heard Sir’s breathing as well.  This was my quiet time, and He did not expect me to talk.  He just wanted to share it with me.  I normally think about Him, my own submissiveness, my schedule and tasks for the day.  It is almost like meditating.  But I couldn’t help images forming, knowing He was there.  I imagined Him sitting in a chair in the corner of my room, one of His long legs crossed over the other, observing me spilled for Him, watching my naked body.  I could almost feel Him come up beside me and stroke my hair as He often does when we are together, rubbing His hand along my back, massaging my ass, letting His fingers slip between my folds.


My breathing must have changed because Sir interrupted my thoughts and asked, “What are You thinking girl?”


So I told Him.  He smiled into the phone and said, “That’s nice.”  I am not sure why, but His deep, slightly gruff voice saying “that’s nice” always makes my heart jump. 


“Is there anything I can do for my Master?”


“No,” he answered.  “You may get back into bed now.”  I climbed back under the covers.  We talked just a bit about His work day, and I talked about my plans.  Then we fell quiet for a few moments.


“ ______ girl, arouse me,” He said simply.


“Yes, Sir,” I breathed.


He told me, “Sometimes I tell you to do things out of desire.  Sometimes because I want you to comply, and your obedience is satisfying.  And sometimes I tell you to do things to erase the miles.”


I knew what he meant.  So I began to speak.


“I have turned on my side to face You, Sir.  I look into Your eyes and kiss You lightly, then trace Your lips with a finger.  My hands run across Your chest, my fingertips playing with the hair in the center. I trace Your shoulder and arm.  Then my hands roam across Your belly before moving lower.  I begin gently, just stroking Your cock with the back of my hand softly.  I like the feel of it beginning to move and harden under my touch.”


Master sighed a low sigh.


“I playfully push Your left shoulder so that You are on Your back, Sir.  And then I get on all fours straddling You, kissing down your body bit by bit until I reach Your cock again.  I take it into my mouth slowly, sucking tenderly and using my tongue along the shaft…..”


He interrupted softly.  “I know You are trying to wake me up gently, girl.  But right now I do not want gentleness.  At all.”


My breath caught and my face grew warmer.


“In that case, Sir, I take all of You in, all the way to the base, and then I suck hard…..sliding slowly up your shaft to the tip….pulling the hardness from You.  When I get to the tip I suck, pulsing in a rhythm, before sliding roughly and quickly back down and repeating.  And repeating again.  I put my knees between Your legs, anchor myself with one hand and massage Your balls with the other.  I begin bobbing my head up and down, taking all of You and sliding back up, feeling You hit the back of my throat over and over…”


“I’m close, girl.”


“I can feel You, Sir, so I take You in one last time and keep Your head fitted in that space in my throat and suck…suck…over and over while You pulse under my tongue….”


Then I heard Master moan.  And His growl told me that He was coming.  I love to hear Him come.  And suddenly…I was on the edge, too far gone to pull myself back.


“Master…Master, I…” I whimpered, panting.


“Yes, girl. Come”


“I’m coming…..” my voice died away as the orgasm gripped me, and whimpers escaped my lips as I spasmed over and over until at last I was done and limp.


We lay there breathing deeply for a few moments.  Then Master told me He was going to doze for a bit.


“I like talking to my girl in the morning,” He said.


“I do too, Sir.  Thank You.” I answered.


“Good girl,” He said.




Painting: Heaven’s Embrace

Set adrift through changes

Chosen for survival

Rising and falling along the cracks

In resolve

Expectations fallen like seeds

On dry ground….

Looking in the shallow pool

Trying to identify the reflection

And evaluate its value.

Turning away and hiding in the tress.

Sleeping under it’s branches

Leaning against it’s strength

Renewed with strength,

Lying among its roots….

Until the weight releases

And I climb

And climb,

Never looking down,

Not knowing what is above the leaves…..



Reaching out

Empowering me to let go,

And fall

Into His embrace

And fly.