I send my best thoughts to those who are facing the brunt of Isaac today, and I hope that they remain safe.

That being said….I am watching the sky, aching for it to open up and drench us.  We are out of its worst path, but I am hoping that we will get a few strong storms.  I love storms.  I love watching the wind bend the trees, hearing the thunder, watching the branches of lightning attack the sky.  

There is a scene in the movie, Twister, that always strikes me.  The two main characters are in a field under a small bridge after having tried to outrun a tornado.  As the tornado approaches and the truck shakes, Helen Hunt’s character cannot help but crawl forward, fixated on the tornado.  She cannot take her eyes off of it, and Bill Paxton’s character has to pull her back in to safety.  He thinks she is crazy 🙂  I understand her.

I have wondered why storms fascinate me this way.  I think I realized this morning exactly why.  it is there power and their mystery.  As much as we know about science and meteorology and weather…..we still don’t fully understand storms.  For the past week the meteorologists here have flip flopped about the path of Isaac, who would be affected, how we would be affected.  We can see their power, but they are still a mystery.  And mystery intrigues me.  Things that are easy to know do not hold my interest nearly as well as things that are multi-layered.

And so I wait, looking out the window.  The branches are beginning to bend.  it is a delicious impatience. And I have no control over when the rain and thunder will begin.  But I am ready for it.

I have to wonder what this says about me as a submissive.


One thought on “storm

  1. When I lived in Houston, we were there for Ike. Master slept through all of it once power failed at 9, including the shaking of the house (the weenie!). I’m a storm freak who had once planned to study hurricanes and despite being warned… I could not help but sit up, wide-eyed like a kid waiting for Santa Claus. When the eye went over our house, I went outside the back door and just… *sigh* there is no way to describe staring up into the absolute chaos of the swirling clouds, the rapid shifts in the wind, the rain sheeting down, hearing the trees cracking as limbs fall, pine needles flying through the air. It is the most beautifully destructive thing in the world. I sat outside for several hours, fighting to light my cigarettes and just… for lack of a better term… worship at the altar of sheer power of nature. Frankly, I came to think over those several hours that this is what it felt like when you are on your knees before a true, sadistic, honor bound Dom. Strength, power, and the capability of destruction, where sometimes the smallest structure is protected by the larger. I told Master (after he scolded me for being out there so long by myself) that it may have been the most spiritually moving experience I had ever enjoyed.
    Then, the storm was over, and power was out for 17 days in August in west Houston. *ugh!!* Realism hit with a nasty hangover!
    On the other hand, large parts of Houston’s grungy grey and glass exteriors were being outshone by the GREEN: trees, grass, plant that were being given new fresh life after long term droughts.

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