One of my writing assignments during my time with Sir tonight was to beg Him to allow me to come.  He has had me edge for three weeks, and it has been good for me.  I have been content.  Until Wednesday when He sent me a simple email in the middle of the day that said: 

Alone time.  Soon.

For some reason ever since then I have been a bit beside myself.  And I know that He has known even though I did not say so.  So tonight I begged him in writing….and then with my voice.


My insides feel like a million nerve endings climbing a wall.  I have been content.  But today.  Knowing we would play and spend time together….
I need to build.  I need for my body to burn and writhe and sweat and ache.  I need to feel everything tense and climb and hum with that lust that I can smell hanging in the air.  I need to pant and moan and clench my muscles.  I need that swelling and aching and NEED that I already feel to be tweaked and played with and exploited until I have no choice but to…..shatter into a million pieces.  I want to cry out and feel my clit spasm. I want to feel the spray from my cunt pour over the lips of my pussy and run down my thigh.  I want to arch my back and savor every pulse inside as my inner walls slam into one another over and over and over.  I need this tension and need and lust and longing and urge to wring me out.  I want to come until I am spent and begging for mercy from exhaustion.  I want my legs to wobble and my eyes to blur and to be incoherent.  I want to lie limp and feel the aftershocks and pulses as my pussy and clit calm slowly.  I want to sink into that sleep of bliss that follows a heavenly, agonizing, PAINFUL orgasm.
I need to come, loudly and completely and ravenously.  My body craves release almost to the point of tears.

Master is good to me.  He said yes.  And I am spent and still shaking and……..blissful.



2 thoughts on “Please…

  1. That is some impressive begging. I should be taking notes. I can beg with the best of them, but only when under extreme duress. I got sub-high for two days once from a begging episode. I thought I was losing someone close to me who I was not ready to let go of. Me, who has made an art of walking away from people, could not let someone go. So I begged him to not depart from my life, without warning or even knowing what was happening. Nothing could have prepared me for that. Something inside me took over and most sincerely begged. I am still blown away by it.

    But as far as purposeful and premeditated begging, you got it going on. My begging is rather pathetic compared to yours. I have begged before. When my husband and I were dating he reduced me to begging many times. Sometimes I think he saw it as a weakness. I didn’t care. I begged anyway. For his dick sometimes. For him to fuck me sometimes. There were other more serious things. I never begged him to love me though. I would not beg for that and I would not say it first. I am old fashioned that way. The man must take the lead.

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