His words can move me, catch my breath, 

Make me fly, curl my insides warmly,
Bring me bliss, make me crave,
Direct my thoughts, command my body,
Soothe my soul.
His voice can arouse my skin,
Speed up my blood,
Make me want,
Wet me inside and out.
His commands can make me tremble,
His care surrounds me,
Encourages me,
Empowers me,
Cherishes me.
I want to serve Him,
Excite Him,
Obey Him,
Arouse Him,
Satisfy Him,
Move Him,
Please Him,
Taste Him,
Empty Him.
Because I am His.
And He deserves all of me.

9 thoughts on “Him

      • This may sound odd, and it has nothing to do with a fetish, but sometimes in our play over the distance He controls every single part of what I do, including whether or not I use the restroom. I ask His permission. Not a fetish, just a tangible way to relinquish control over the distance. But also, I spent a lot of time holding myself protectively after some painful life experiences. When I empty myself figuratively, it is like just….opening up and emptying everything that is inside.

      • It’s one more way for him to control you. For you to bind your body to him. I understand now. Thank you for explaining this to me. It does not sound strange, but what if you really have to go and you can’t get hold of him?

      • We reserve this for set aside time together. For instance, tonight after He finished work and such, the night was His. That meant that I asked His permission for everything and I was given certain assignments.

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