those moments

I wasn’t sure what to title this very brief post.  Last night was a night of…soul-baring for Sir and me.  I wrote to Him in a more vulnerable kind of way than every before, withholding nothing.  now, I do not withhold from Sir consciously any time….but there are some things that I do not always speak.  We have very clearly defined parameters for our relationship.  I know this.  I also know myself, and getting hung up on parameters sometimes keeps me…..on edge, or on eggshells.  So I poured out all the absolute things that I am certain Sir already knew, that I had already said in a dozen ways without speaking….but that had never really been given voice in the full light of day.  At times I post the things I write to Sir here.  This sharing, however, is sacred.  It was only for His eyes.  I shared with no expectation other than the knowledge that it was safe to share.


Sir responded, and after we talked some back and forth…….his words mean even more to me.  I have read and reread his precious words so many times today.  I feel treasured and cared for and complete in a way that is deeper than even 24 hours ago.  It is like flying.  And I am so blessed.


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