palpitations and dreams



I dreamed about Sir off and on all night last night.  No, unfortunately not those kinds of dreams.  I can’t remember all of them, and I wouldn’t bore you with them anyway, but they were scary.  I woke myself up more than once crying and/or saying His name.  I know why.  It was a somewhat eventful weekend at my house, complete with a trip to the ER Saturday resulting in some tests this morning.  I am not expecting any big terrible news, but I think part of me wanted some… comfort.  I got several very sweet emails and had a couple of nice phone conversations with Sir yesterday, but I spent much of it sleeping as well.  But it was significant to me because it has been a long time since I have had a dream during which I called out someone’s name for safety/comfort.  And of the many times I have dreamed about Sir over the months….it was the first time I have called out to Him.

But it makes sense.  After all, He is One whom I trust absolutely and who always keeps me safe.


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