Part of my assi…


Part of my assignment since our trip was over has been to write Master vignettes about my perspective of our experiences together.  This is today’s assignment.

I had been lying on my back for awhile, enjoy Sir’s exceptional oral talent.  God, the things He can do with His lips and tongue.  feeling His tongue stroke the lips of my pussy and then dip into my cunt….feeling Him suck on my clit until I trembled.  Forgive my unladylike bluntness, but I can feel myself getting wet typing right now.

Then Sir turned His body around so that I could continue to lie on my back and suck His cock while he continued licking and sucking me into oblivion. “69,” they call it.  I had never been on the bottom before until I met Sir.  I like it…a lot.  I help Him and wrapped my mouth around Him, sucking and using my tongue and raising my head just slightly.  The taste of Him and the enjoyment of Him in my mouth coupled with the sensations He was pulling from my pussy, clit, and cunt…..the combination was heady, no pun intended.
Then He shifted again, and I no longer had to raise my head.  He was fucking my mouth from above, and because I was lying on my back, my head against the pillow, I had no where to go. Now, in most situations, I tend to be claustrophobic,  but when it is Sir who is covering me, consuming me….it is heaven.  Helpless and overwhelming heaven.  And my stationary head was a perfect fucking point for Him.  As He grew more frenzied, He began to hit the back of my throat, then every few thrusts he would stay tucked into that space in the back of my throat for a few seconds, eliciting a gag response a couple of times.  The feeling of fullness with Him fitting perfectly into that rounded space was amazing however, empowering.
He had hoarsely warned me against becoming frenzied minutes before, but I think we both knew that at this point, with his hard cock slamming into my throat and my pussy so overwhelmed and that hard knot of pleasure crying out to explode….frenzy was the only option.  So the writhing escalated for a few more seconds and then…..warn liquid sprayed into my mouth over and over, filling it, as He groaned that primal half moan half growl.  And my belly sprung into an orgasm, the walls of my cunt spasming over and over, my thighs contracting and jerking, my own cries muffled by His cock and come.
God, Master makes me feel things that I never knew existed.

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