Entering my life…..part one

How does one begin to tell a four day story that could never be adequately told in words? I had all sorts of…fantasies associated with my very special time with Sir, fantasies cultivated over time and miles and mutual sharing.  At the same time, I knew I had no way to know for sure what to expect.  I knew i could trust Sir.  I knew I wanted this more than, well, anything I had wanted in a very long time. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a part of who I am. It always had been, I just never got to embrace it.

Waiting at the airport felt like a happy secret.  There were others waiting for loved ones of course.  From time to time someone would catch my eye, and we would smile at one another; that friendly stranger smile.  I grinned to myself wondering what they would think if they knew that the man I was meeting would be spanking me, binding me.  The flight was on time.  Thank god because I was a million bouncing slinkies inside.  I saw Him before He saw me, but when He looked at me He smiled that slow smile.  And then He was through the door and wrapping His arms around me.  I am not sure many things feel as good as that felt.  Then I stepped back, put my hands behind my back, and looked down for a moment.  I was His.

The trip to the airport had been swift and uneventful except for a brief summer shower.  On the way BACK, however…….the two hour drive took four.  Thank God for a skirt.  He soothed and aroused me, never allowing me to come, but His touch was amazing.  He allowed me to touch Him as well….until a tall truck or SUV pulled up beside us.  I think we were both ragged with anticipation by the time we finally walked into the condominium.

The first thing I did was untie my wrap dress, step out of my shoes, and sink to my knees, legs spread, hands on thighs, naked before Him.  Somehow we made it upstairs, and He told me to close my eyes.  Then His hands were brushing my hair away from my neck.  He needed to move my hair aside so that He could present me with a very special gift.

A collar.


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