a sense of submission


I am naked, wearing my newly presented collar.  My face is down, my hands and ankles bound to keep me in my crouched position, ass high in the air.  A soft black satin blindfold covers my eyes completely.  Tiny white earbuds are in my ears, and Sir begins playing music similar to what is posted above.  I am in darkness, surrounded by sounds of relaxation and alpha waves, unable to move…waiting.  I can feel Sir above me, feel his breath next to my ear, and His hand strokes my hair.  He runs His hands over my wrists and ankles, making sure I am secure.  His lips are moist on my neck and back, and then His hands move down my body.  I feel myself stretch and purr inside as He touches me, and every time His hands leave me my breath catches. I wonder where and how He will touch me next. The music fills my head and everything around me seems heightened.  Sir’s touch, His smell.  For some reason Sir’s skin smells like fresh baked bread to me.  Perhaps that seems silly.  But it is comforting and delicious.  Every time He comes near I can smell Him.

The bed shifts a bit, and Sir’s hand is massaging my behind, His fingers occasionally skimming my folds.  I shivered and moaned, and His other hand moved to my lips, covering them.  he massaged for another moment, then left my behind longing for His touch.


The first strike was startling, stinging, and wonderful. His hand came down again, and though I tried to remain quiet, I whimpered.  Again, again.  This was the spanking I had craved.  This was not the first spanking I had received. The first spanking was swift and utilitarian.  We went over my infractions, Sir spanked me, then he tore the list up and tossed it…the slate blank. But THIS spanking…this was for Him and for me.  And I craved His hand, the strikes, the stinging, the pain…….

Little did I know what it would do to me when He introduced me to the gift I had sent Him: the flogger…..


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