breathe… and out

Five days.  Five days are not even a whole week.  They are ONE work week.  It is less time than standard shipping when you order something online.  Just a blip in a year.

So why do I think that the next five days are going to be the most tortuously long days I have experienced in quite sometime….like a magnified version of Christmas Eve night when a child is young.  In five days I will not have to wait for an email reply or a message or for the phone to ring or for an answering “hello.”

In five days I will see my Master, hug him, and then as soon as W/we are out of sight of the rest of the world…..I will be His submissive in every way. With Him standing before me, touching me, being touched by me.  The anticipation is heady and exciting and…..painfully slow.

Oh Sir….I cannot wait to kneel at Your feet.


4 thoughts on “breathe… and out

  1. Enjoy. This is a wonderful time to center yourself, let the anticipation build, it will be worth it! Can’t wait to read your blog after. *smile*

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