these shoes kick boot


Today i took quite a few pictures to send to Sir.  Men are visual, and i want Him to have that need to SEE me met even across the miles.  the pictures of the boots is the only one anyone else gets to see.  i am not an internet exhibitionist (not that there is anything wrong with that).  i love the daily rituals that Sir has me doing: kneeling each day, readings about my submissiveness, detailing my attire, journaling – sometimes with specific writing assignments, practicing in the above boots, “inserting” as He calls it.  the anticipating is building more and more as Our time together approaches.  i am finding myself more and more consumed.

i must brag about Him, even if it sounds “cheesy.”  i had no idea what a treasure i was given in Him.  his perfect balance of strength and firmness and absoluteness with tenderness and depth and compassion and patience.  i am not sure there is anyone on earth who could draw me out, stretch me, and affect me in the way He does.  i am exceptionally blessed.


One thought on “these shoes kick boot

  1. He does sound like a rare treasure.

    I may have to pull out the camera myself. It has been a while since we have taken pics.

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