these boots are made for



I have a pair of black over-the-knee high-heeled boots.  I bought them way back when sometime so that I could dress up as Abby from NCIS.  They are half a size too big because I wear a 7 1/2, and they don’t come in half sizes.  And Sir knows I have them.

Last night He had me wear them while we spent an evening together via long distance.  He went about His business checking in on me from time to time.  I was to do nothing – nothing – without His permission.  We have done this to varying degrees on several occasions, but I knew last night was different.  I asked His permission to pee, thinking it a foregone conclusion (and thank goodness because I really had to pee).  His one word reply? No.

Some would say, “well, you could just get up and go anyway.  How would He know?”  But that is not the point.  The point is trust.  Whether He would know or not, if I just did whatever I wanted while pretending, I might as well just be watching some pointless movie on television or playing dolls.  He is my Sir, and regardless of what He sees, I surrender.  For real.  

So He told me to strip and put on the boots.  And I did.  I had forgotten how hard they are to walk in.  At the party I had attended I mostly stood in one place or sat.  But last night I realized that if I was going to actually wear these boots during the special surprise I had planned for Sir I was going to have to practice. And I told Him as much.

And now, added to my preparation for our time together is a new assignment.  I am to practice with the boots each day – walking, standing, cooking, and kneeling.  

So, apparently, Nancy Sinatra had it wrong. These boots are made for subbing….and that’s just what they’ll do. 🙂


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