Distance and Intimacy



There are 1200 miles separating me from Him.  Is it what i would have chosen? probably not.  There are challenges that go along with distance; there are also advantages.  so many changes have taken place over the past few years of my life, and especially for the smaller ones in my house, the distance is probably a good thing.  It helps to compartmentalize so that i can give them what they need as well as Him, and of course myself.

There are some who are skeptical of long distance relationships, especially one involving Dominance and submission. All i can say is that when two People are completely open and authentic and committed…..it can be amazing and real. very real. the time i spend with Him and He with me, even though much of it is via internet and cell phone, is intense, intimate, relaxed, fun, demanding, exhausting, and comforting, depending on the time and the topic.  We have both learned and grown personally and in our relationship since we last saw each other.  And now it is almost time to see each other again for four glorious days.  There has been much discussion about what these days will entail, and each of us has been preparing.  It is my preparation that prompted this blog actually, a place to pour all of my thoughts that He could read anytime He wants.

Each morning as our time together approaches, I have been focusing on the rituals we have discussed, focusing on my own submission.  I have been reading voraciously.  My fitness and eating habits have become more streamlined and effective.  He has been attentive, demanding, and generous, always conscious of my well-being.  And I have been more compelled than ever to please Him.  We are spending time talking and talking to make sure we have balanced our expectation of this precious time we will have with the absolute knowledge that it will be very different from the last time we spent together, when we were at the beginning of this journey.

He is flying; I am driving.  I will be receiving a package soon containing the “toys” we plan to enjoy because He is worried about having them in His luggage.  This makes us both chuckle.  I have made my grocery shopping list.  And I am glad to have plenty of work and mothering and other obligations to keep me busy.  Otherwise the time would stretch even farther between now and……then.

And when then comes……..


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