i am His

I am His

Three words that mean something

I never dreamed they would

More than I knew they could

In a way I always wanted but never

Knew how to articulate

Most women have said this phrase

And they mean his to love

His to date

His to kiss

His to make love to

I have said those three words in that way

The first time was when I was too young to understand them

And because of the way my heart

Was always open

Sometimes when I didn’t know enough to know


I wanted them to mean something more

Or something different

And now

I am His

Means His to use

His to command

His to take

His to train

His to correct


His to befriend

His to talk with

His to laugh with

His to pray with

His to make love to

His to explore with.

And being His

Has helped me to be me

In a way I never thought possible.


4 thoughts on “i am His

  1. The idea of ownership is intoxicating, isn’t it? I am married, but I have not had someone take possession of me. Not yet. I dream about it. Fantasize about it. Imagine him saying to me, “You are mine. I own you. I own your body and the way you are feeling at this moment. You are mine to command and I am ordering you to cum.” Very hot. Very arousing. Completely Intoxicating. I was able to set off multiple orgasms inside myself, the first in over ten years, just thinking those thoughts while doing…other things. 😉

    My name is Missy. Please to meet you.

  2. It elicits more than just a sexual feeling to me. So much more. But it does make me feel punch drunk just thinking of it.

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