Heart! We Will Release Him


Heart, we will release him!

(Inspired by Emily Dickinson)


Heart, we will release him

From his unwitting prison walls;

Soul, we will grant his escape

Before the evening falls.


Mind, we will unlock him

From fantasies he did not see.

Breath, we will exhale him

So that we can all be free.


Fool, we will admit it –

Our walls were invisible to him.

Image, we will both resign

That chances were in fact too slim.


Arms, we will unfold him

From our unfelt embrace

Eyes, we will look away

And gaze no longer at his face.


Heart please help us hurry

Lest, when we pause to think of him,

Our weakness overtakes us,

And we imprison him again.

Familiar Comfort


For two decades it has provided warmth.

Though now covered by a more fashionable gold brocade comforter, it is still there, familiar, comforting, consistent.

It has become somewhat frayed by time and use and moves and stains that needed washing.

On the colder nights it is not enough to keep the winter at bay.

But it is always there and always has been.  It is known.  It is part of life.  And there are times when its familiar softness

Makes the winter much much easier to bear.

Thank You


The very kind author of the blog, His Beloved Submissive – http://hisbelovedsubmissive.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/reality-blog-award/ – nominated me for an award, which I very much appreciate.

There are usually questions that go along with nominations, and this one is no exception:

1. If you could change one thing, what would you change?  

I would live somewhere where it snows

2. If you could repeat an age, what would it be? 

22 – there was something I knew was right for me but of which my parents disapproved – I would do it anyway

3. What one thing really scares you? 

Something happening to my children

4. What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it? 

I would love to sing on Broadway.  I have no foreseeable way to complete that, but I haven’t ruled it out… 😉

5. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be? 

I honestly can’t think of anyone I would like to be besides me……though I wouldn’t mind being joined by someone special 🙂

I love reading the blogs I follow, so nomination is always a tough call, but these definitely come to mind:





May I


May I open my heart

And hands

May I see and be seen

May I kneel

May I trust

May I reach out my hand

To be taken

May I ask

May I offer

May I share my

Secret desire

May I serve?

she remembers



she remembers

the first time she heard his voice

trusting him, his trust in her

opening, awakening, feeling

she remembers

desire, hers and his

feeling beautiful

stretching, being stretched

kneeling, bowing, surrendering

she remembers

thrill, arousal, flying, 

the pounding of blood in her ears

his hand coming down swiftly

sensation, color, taste

she remembers

the journey, the lessons, the freedom

she remembers 

safety, danger, light, darkness

being bound, dancing, laughter

tears, strong arms, complete nakedness

she remembers

and she smiles

Turn, Turn, Turn



I have looked at the cursor several times since typing that one word.  Cyberspace is still….strange to me at times.  People share at least what seems to be so much of themselves with virtual strangers.  Sharing abstract feelings, fantasies, euphemistic longings, memories….all of that is easy.

Sharing….personal life.

I have a very few very close friends.  They tell me I am like the layers of the earth.  I seem to “spill all quickly,” and then they realize after getting to know me further that that is just the first layer.  The layer of sharing that seems personal but it relatively easy to share.  The things that are fragile and intimate details and……private things are very private.

I think that is why it took a very long time for He and I to realize what was already true.  He was the first person in a very very long time who had penetrated the complex outer walls and really knew…..ME.  And because of His life…..I had been the same for Him.  We always knew and frequently reminded ourselves and each other that this was not for life.  This was for a time, for the purpose of awakening, for those initial steps into a journey we both had dreamed of taking.  He sent me a picture…..it was of something brand new, something that needed to grow.  We talked about the care with which it would be tended, and how once the roots had taken hold and growth was hearty, there would not be a need for the same kind of tending.  In other words, we would begin to grow together, and then that growth would eventually take us to the place we were grew better apart.

Ah….this is why the deeper layers are harder.  No poetry or racy stories 😉  I am not as free as He needs someone to be.  He needs more than I am free to give.  I crave……..something.  I know it is just out of my clarity, but it is….something.  I need regroup, wait, then think about taking the risk.

I called this post Turn, Turn, Turn because I love that song, and I have always loved that passage in Ecclesiastes.  Sometimes things are just for a season.

counting the days



a few short weeks










long conversations


The List










Touched without contact



Whispers, words,

The soothing voice


Images, senses,

Guiding phrases


Touches, caresses,

Spoken seductions


Kissing, fondling,

Rumbled speaking


Reaching, Taking

Final crescendo





Without a touch….

Surrounding with control

Evoking surrender

Stroking with tenderness

Drying tears

Wrapping embrace

Blissful sleep


Without contact……

For now

To avoid any future confusion, this is ME 🙂 I am extremely excited 🙂




The cover artist at Blushing Books did an amazing job on the cover of Freeing Lucy, and I am so very excited about its release on December 15, 2012!

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Embracing both the dark and light



I am sure that for almost any Dominant, it is a joy to have a passionate, glad submissive.  To enjoy her spunk and spirit and laughter and to be lifted by her smile.  To have her share her joys and achievements with her Sir and to embrace Him in her happiness.  And believe me, I am a great proponent of joy, levity, gladness, and passion.  It sharing it with and giving it to Sir only enhances it.

however, there is something very special that my Sir does for me…..and I cannot help but wonder how unique it rare and special it may be.

Without divulging too much of my private, non-subbie life, I was diagnosed several years ago with a condition that requires medication.  It is well controlled and I follow my doctor’s instructions religiously.  I carry on as normal 98% of the time.  However, one of the medications has a very short “half-life.”  And when one lives in a rural area, it occasionally happens that the pharmacy may be out of stock. I have learned to deal with this by making sure I call in a refill with several pills to go just in case.

Except for last week.

I called in on a Friday with only one pill left. And they were out of stock.  No big deal; they usually get it in the next day.  Except it was Saturday.  Then Sunday.  By Monday evening the darkness began to close in.  Those dark thoughts and fears and sadnesses that are not usually an issue…..unless I begin to go into withdrawal from this particular medicine.  The fear that I will always be too much or not enough.  The thought that I have always been good enough to be a friend or to be fucked but never to love completely.  All of that intangible emptiness that goes along with depression at times. And though I knew it was NOT real and that missing a weekend of doses was the culprit, the tears still flowed.  I still wailed out those sobs that cause a raspy throat the next day.  And I wanted Sir.

And do you know what?  He did not recoil at my neediness. He did not scold my tears.  He did not call me a drama queen or declare me too difficult or decide that I was too weak for Him.  He is still here.  He comforts, cares, and does not judge.  I am not deemed unworthy of his time because I have weakness, not even because at times I have darkness.

I believe he is the first man in my life to embrace all of me….even the parts that are not always sexy and sensual and carefree.

THAT to me is the mark of……..a true man of honor.